There's a Group for everyone, no matter where you're at in your life journey.




Fairlane Woods Group

Marion and Felicia Clifton lead a group on Monday nights from 7-9p at their home. This group meets to have a space to talk about life, practical topics from Scripture and have an opportunity to pray for one another. 


Game Night

Each month, a Group of people gather at the home of the Clifton's for an evening of fun and games. All are welcome to join! The date and time is determined at the start of each month and sent out to those who are a part of the Group. Join now to be a part this coming Game Night!

Refugee & Immigration Outreach

We're a Group that is focused on serving those that are brand new to our community from abroad. We help with in-home tutoring, ESL conversation practice, and helping with other basic needs (such as transportation, finding household items for incoming refugees, etc).

Conversation Content

Want to make the most out of this week's message? Grab some friends or family and talk about it! Click the link below to access our "Conversation Content" for the week!