There's a Group for everyone, no matter where you're at in your life journey.




Felicia Clifton’s Ladies Group (Saturday’s at Noon)

Felicia is facilitating a group specifically designed for ladies. In this Group, the Propel Conversation Series will be used for a conversation starter and to guide attendees toward biblical truth. This group will tackle conversations about how to lead ourselves and others in the day-to-day life and calling. (This Group will launch on March 2nd)


Ryan Hulett’s Co-Ed Group (Thursdays at 7:00pm)

Ryan is facilitating a group that meets together for a bible study each week. Together, they work through a book from the Bible and discuss the observations they find and the practical applications for their life.


Pastor Marion’s Prayer Group (First Sunday of every month at 10:30am)

On the first Sunday of every month, we meet for prayer at the home of Pastor Marion and Felicia Clifton for a time of prayer. We will spend time in prayer for our community, our church, and one another.


Game Night Group

On the last Friday of each month, a Group of people gather at the home of the Clifton's for an evening of fun and games. All are welcome to join!

Refugee & Immigration Outreach Group

We're a Group that is focused on serving those that are brand new to our community from abroad. We help with in-home tutoring, ESL conversation practice, and helping with other basic needs (such as transportation, finding household items for incoming refugees, etc).