This January At Rouge Church

Check out what’s happening this month at Rouge Church:


As we set goals at the start of each year, there's always a measure of uncertainty in the back of our minds. Will we be able to accomplish this? Am I planning correctly? Should I step out? The Bible has a lot to say when it comes to toggling uncertainty. That's what we're talking about each Sunday this month at our House Campus.

As we look forward to starting a portable location in the coming future, our House Campus will continue meeting at a local home in Dearborn every Sunday at 9:30am.


Groups are a great way to explore your faith and dive deeper into community. On a weekly basis we have a Group that meets on Monday evenings at 7:00pm for dialogue about various topics surrounding what the Bible teaches about every day things of life. 


On Sunday, January 28th we will be having a special service to discuss our vision for 2018 and some things we have planned for this year. This will be a great time to learn where we are headed as a church and learn how you can play a part. We will be meeting at our new time--10:30am.

2017 RECAP

There were some incredible things that took place in 2017 and we can't wait to share them with you. Look forward to an update coming soon that will cover all the amazing things that happened in our community last year!

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