Looking back at 2018!

We are amazed by everything that God has done in 2018!  It has been a year defined by spiritual growth, outreach, continued efforts to build our Dream Team and finding ways to have more easily accessible public gatherings.

Here’s a quick snapshot over everything that happened this year:

SPIRITUAL GROWTH: One of the first things we began was a small group with just 3 people and this past year, it began to outgrow our apartment (sometimes up to 12+ people). So by the end of the year we had plans to expand our small groups ministry to make room for more to join but also diversify the options of small groups available. We ended the year with 2 different small groups, one geared toward a more flexible discussion based on a topic and another specifically focused on bible study which is lead by one of our other team members! This coming February we are also looking to expand again to offer even more small groups!

PUBLIC GATHERINGS: This year we moved into a more public location which has allowed for us to stretch out a bit. We were meeting in mine and Felicia’s apartment for some time and it was a challenge not only because of the size of the space but because of it’s difficulty to find and get past the front gate. We were blessed this past November with our first public gathering at University of Michigan- Dearborn campus which was a great centralized location. But we have since transitioned into another space with a more regular schedule (Parkside Church Of Christ). Either way, God has blessed us with a great location in two different spaces. During this season, it has also given more opportunity for individuals to begin serving on Sunday morning through tech, photography, connections, and even post our sermons on our new podcast! 

OUTREACH/GENEROSITY: This year we were able to serve our community in several different ways by taking part in a park clean up, partnering with Arab World Outreach to pack kits/organize inventory for their Welcome Home Initiative for local refugees and migrants, donating $100 to Heavenly Hope International (an anti-trafficking organization focused on helping people who are vulnerable or at risk in both Detroit and Kansas City areas), and providing Christmas presents for 25 local kids through the Salvation Army Angel Tree program.


  • OPERATIONS: $4,534.26


  • FACILITIES: $1,980.00

  • MINISTRIES: $2,206.64


As we continue to praise God for what he has done, we are looking forward to 2019 with great expectation and praying for God to amaze us even more than he already has in the past. Thank you for all who have joined us in this journey! We are looking forward to continuing to build a life-giving church helping people experience rest in every day life by helping them become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Rouge Church