How To Pray

Prayer is essential to the life of a follower of Jesus. It’s as important to our life of faith as breathing is to our physical life. If we’re honest though, many of us often struggle when it comes to prayer. What do I say? What do I pray for? Should I just keep praying for the same things over and over again? Doesn’t God already know my needs? While these are all legitimate questions and challenges we face. It all comes back to how we’ve defined prayer. We often hear that prayer is simply a conversation with God. This is true, but it’s deeper than that. Prayer is communion with God. It is our way to connect with him in every day life. 

One way to be more intentional about prayer is to go into prayer with a plan. The Bible outlines for us many different types of prayers, such as: supplication/petition (requests), intercession, thanksgiving, adoration, confession, and contemplation. These are just to name a few. We often limit ourselves to the “prayer requests”, and that’s usually why we get bored. We feel like we’re just giving God a list!

Simply take 3-4 of these types of prayers and spend a few minutes at the start of each day working through them. 

For example, 


“God, you are good. You are worthy of praise because you are in control of all things…”


“Lord, I confess that I am a sinner in need of your perfect grace. Point out anything within me that is not pleasing to you. Forgive me for…”


“Thank you for…”


“Lord, I ask for you to be with _______ during their surgery today…”

“I ask that you’ll help me have the wisdom to go through ________________ today…”

Marion Clifton