This February at Rouge

CANDY HEARTS: Love, Lies, & Sugar Highs

We're kicking off this month with a new series! The month of February is all about Love, but how well do we really understand it?  In this series we will be taking a deeper look into Love and shedding light on the lies and false love that our society can often teach us. 

Rouge Groups

After taking a break for the holiday season, our small groups are starting back up! Groups are a great way to grow closer as a community while growing closer to God.  We have a group for everyone! Find one that works for you!

Monthly Prayer Meeting

As part of our groups, Pastor Marion will be leading a monthly prayer meeting.  Join us at the Clifton's house on the first Sunday of every month at 10:30am.  We will spend time in prayer for our community, our church, and one another. 

Rouge Church